Advice and Advocacy on Construction Law, Real Estate, and Business matters 

Areas of Practice


General Counsel Services For Contractors

General Counsel is just that- legal counsel on particular issues that arise in your construction business or construction project. We can review and comment on the contract that you are being asked to sign, and identify issues you should look at and negotiate.  We can also prepare contracts or modify existing contracts that are tailored to your specific job needs and/or concerns. And we are available to advise on general business matters that often arise and that need to be addressed then.

  • Licensing Law

  • Contracts

  •      Drafting

  •      Review

  • Hiring/Firing

  • Employment Issue





Litigation: Construction Disputes

Mediation, Litigation, Arbitration- these result when things go sideways on a construction project or when one party to a contract claims the other party is in breach of the agreement.  It is a last resort but sometimes it is all that is left. John has litigated and/or arbitrated numerous cases. If the case needs to go to trial or to arbitration, we can take the case through that process.

  • Mediation, Litigation and Arbitration

Residential non disclosure

Non-disclosure issues can be a problem for the seller and for the buyer. The California Real Estate documents are long and confusing and the law dealing with disclosures is equally long and confusing. It doesn’t come up often but when it does it can be very trying and the process can be very long and drawn out. John has represented sellers and buyers in non-disclosure matters over the past years and would be happy to discuss your case with you. 

Private Works Construction Disputes

Private Works includes commercial and residential projects, and residential projects may be new or remodel work. There are different requirements for each and there are important prerequisites that affect the rights of the contractor and the Owner.  And there are important remedies that each party to the transaction has and that need to be addressed if disputes are to be avoided. And if there is a dispute, there are timelines that need to be complied with if you want to preserve your rights as the contractor or as the Owner.

  • Preliminary Notice

  • Mechanic Liens

  • Stop Notices

  • Bonds

  • Payment Disputes

  • Home Improvement Contracts

  • Workers Comp

  • Stop Work

  • Construction Defect

  • Owner Builder Issues


Entity Formation

Forming a corporation, or any business entity, is not a complicated process but there are a lot of moving parts and it has to be done properly.  And once the business is formed, there is compliance.  John has set up or assisted in setting up a number of companies. Compliance after formation needs to be done correctly too.  Small companies have the same obligations as large companies, and compliance is just as important, so if you have questions or concerns, give us a call and let’s discuss it and maybe prevent it from becoming a problem.

Public Works Construction Disputes

Public Works contracting is a field unto itself. Working for a public agency is completely different from working for a private owner.  As in-house general counsel for 6 years at a large public works general contractor, John learned first-hand the issues that can and do befall the unwary and the inexperienced, as well as the very experienced contractor. If you are involved in public works and have questions or anticipate problems, give us a call. You need to be especially attentive to procedure when you deal with Public Agencies, so if you don’t know, ask!

  • Pre-qualification

  • Subcontractor listing

  • Bid Protest

  • Bonds

  • Payment Disputes

  • Stop Notice

  • Notice & Change Orders

  • Government Claims

  • Prevailing Wage

  • PLA/PSA/Local Hire


Landlord -Tenant

Eviction is a complicated issue, sometimes very emotional, and never a simple process.  There are steps that need to be taken if the eviction is going to be accomplished as the law requires.  Residential and commercial procedures are similar but not always the same.  If you have an eviction issue, let’s discuss it and see if we can work together to resolve it.